PoNie n' SCooo           EPK




Origin:  San Diego, CA


Genres:  Experimental Electronic, Electronica, Darkwave, Psy-Trance, Psy-Dub, Down Temp, Techno, House, Tribal, Rock and New Wave.


Years Active:  2017- Present


Label:  PoNie n' SCooo


Website: ponienscooo.com


PoNie n' SCooo's (2016-Present) two members/artists were born and raised in San Diego, CA. Traditionally playing in blues and rock bands in the 90's to present, both Chrissy Carey (Lead Vocals/Synthesizers/Effects/Guitar/Harmonica) and Mark Velasco (Drums/Percussion/Synthesizers/Drum Machines/Effects/Backing Vocals) formed the electronic duet in a search for new inspirations from sounds, frequencies, styles from different genres of the DJ Production/EDM industry and the supportive culture surrounding the amazing fans following the underground electronic festival scenes.

Producing their first 5 song EP in late 2018 entitled "Eclipse - The Transformation," the EP will be distributed in early 2019 with a follow up EP release of MooN: The TraNSformatioN in December of 2019.  

Touring to support both EPs will begin in January 2020.

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Set List

Tech Rider

Hospitality Rider


Label: PoNie n' SCooo


Management: Mark Velasco and Chrissy Carey  | ponienscooo@gmail.com


Booking: Mark Velasco and Chrissy Carey  | ponienscooo@gmail.com


PR: Mark Velasco and Chrissy Carey  | ponienscooo@gmail.com