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Official PoNie n' SCooo ECliPSe- The Tra
The NEW 5 Song EP (Released 12/2018)

MooN- The TraNSformatioN

Released 12/30/19, PoNie n' Scooo's long awaited 2nd release has been in the making for literally all of 2019, down to the last minute.. ​


The second of 6 EPs in the TraNSformatioN series, Moon expands on technicality, equipment, sounds and further blends genres of electronic music to make what is undoubtedly an impressive work of electronic art. We hope you enjoy this album and continue to follows long past 2020.


First 5 Song EP (Released 12/2018)

ECliPSe- The TraNSformatioN

PoNie n' Scooo's long awaited release has been in the making for the last two years. ​


This two person electronic band has been grilling down on the sounds  and frequencies to offer you and electronic experience unmatched by any live performance. We aren't DJs, we are musicians that perform live and put on a hell of a show.


Feel free to contact us for show bookings and collaborations.​


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