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New ventures for PoNie n' SCooo coming in the near future KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED:

2020 for PoNie n' SCoo is about building our brand. We are going to work on videos to support our new EP "MooN" and look forward to support both EPs live with a number of shows in Southern California. The band is also striving to build it's online presence. With the launch of the new website, www.ponienscoo.com, we are offering a full line of merchandise including a clothing line which includes: shirts, tanks, hoodies, hats and beanies for now. You'll also be able to find other great merch like CD's, custom pins, stickers and specialized posters.

2020 will bring other surprises including working on visual imagery. Creating our own videos, light shows and live studio recordings will be a focus but requires lots of time and energy so that is why we are post-phoning our 3rd EP to continue the writing process toward our 6 EP TraNSformatioN Anthology. The 3rd edition to this anthology will come out in 2021, but we look forward to recording all of our live performances in 2020 in order to release a live album by the end of the year. Lastly, the band will be making connections across the Southwest to support future tours and will be searching for other performers to tour with us, management and booking agents to help in our effort.

Thanks for following us and we hope you look forward to seeing our progress as much as we do.

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PoNie n' SCooo's (2017-Present) two members/artists were born and raised in San Diego, CA. Traditionally playing in blues and rock bands in the 90's to present, both Chrissy Carey (Lead Vocals/Synthesizers/Effects) and Mark Velasco

(Drums/Percussion/Synthesizers/Drum Machines/Effects/Backing Vocals) formed the electronic duet in a search for new inspirations from sounds, frequencies, and styles from different genres of the DJ Production/EDM industry and the supportive culture surrounding the amazing fans following the underground electronic festival scenes.
Producing their first 5 song EP in late 2018 entitled "ECliPSe - The TraNSformatioN," the EP will be distributed in early 2019 with a follow up EP release in time for the summer festival season in 2019.

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